Monday, May 28, 2007

Pleasures from Japan: Marusei Butter Sand

My mother-in-law returned from her extended trip in Japan yesterday and brought back some of the most delicious cakes in the world: Marusei Butter Sand. It's my absolute favorite and my wife's aunt in Osaka knows it! She never forgets to sends back several boxes for me and I just devour them....

The Marusei Butter Sand (short for "sandwiches") from Hokkaido are made of a smooth creamy sweet spread mixed with raisins and put in between two yummy cookies. Actually, it's been a while since I had some so when I opened up the first box I had forgotten how good they were. I popped one in my mouth, I couldn't help myself from closing my eyes and saying, "Mmmmm...." I also couldn't help myself from finishing the entire box of five in one sitting. Only 1.8 boxes left--that one I took a picture of didn't last very long after I was done :0)

The right thing to do, of course, is to share these with the rest of my family.... but it's going to be so hard!

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