Sunday, February 26, 2006

2006 STI - Impreza Trunk Net

I installed the Impreza trunk net into the STI today, such is domestic life. It will help prevent small objects from rolling around the trunk. It was very simple and I documented it here: Impreza Sedan Trunk Net. In the picture below you can also see the OEM Cargo Tray.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Andromeda Trek, Star Trek RPG

After some more googling this is what I found on page 10: Keito

It's the biography of a character from an online Star Trek role playing game called Andromeda Trek. Check out the entry under 2071 in the "Personal Chronology" section: Captain of the USS Darwin! Cool!


Northwest Broadcasters - Feedback

Northwest Broadcasters - Feedback

I was doing some googling and found this page--again, I guess. In the feedback section there's a comment that I sent years ago. I didn't know it was published. Anyway, it's a great site and I'm going to bookmark it--again ;0)

Car crash claims life of father

The Coquitlam Now - Car Crash Claims Life

Another personal connection. So sad.

Stabbing suspect appears in court

CBC British Columbia - Stabbing suspect appears in court

I have a personal connection to this story. My deepest condolences to Jesse's family. Here is a report from the Vancouver Sun.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Unusual Sightings: Snowflakes and Four-leaf Clovers

It's been quite cold the last week or so with overnight temperatures dropping well below zero celcius, but it's starting to warm up with the forecast of rain coming. This morning on my way to a web cast presentation, a few snow flurries started to fall. They were quite large, heavy flakes much like cupcake sprinkles. When I got off the scooter I noticed that a few had landed on the seat and hadn't melted yet. I took a closer look at one of them and realized that it was in the shape of a six pointed star. I was so astounded because I had not seen anything like that before. It was so perfect I had to touch it with my finger and melt it away just to make sure what I was seeing was real. (Hmmm, there must be a metaphor somewhere in there....) I wish I had my camera with me. It reminds me of the time I found a four-leaf clover and left it on my night stand. My mom didn't know what it was and threw it away.

Anyway, I did a bit of research using the Guide to Snowflakes from and I think what I saw was a fernlike stellar Dendrite densely decorated with rimed crystals. The actual flake that I saw was about 3mm in diameter, very flat, with 6 perfectly formed points and so dense it looked solid, much like the picture above.

Friday, February 17, 2006

A ghost from my past

It was a beautiful day on Friday. I took the opportunity to get on the scooter with my wife and tour both the Vancouver Maritime Museum and the Vancouver Museum as part of a professional development opportunity. They're located right off the water in Kitsilano next to the Burrard Street Bridge.

I've been to the Maritime Museum several times, but always as a tourist and this was the first time I was able to go down to the basement and look in their collections area to see some of the artifacts they had. One item was a piece of cork carved from a life raft that had be recovered after the sinking of the Titanic.

For lunch we ate at the White Spot on Cornwall Ave. and I actually spotted a silver Bentley Continental GT and a black BMW Z8 drive by. I've seen a dark Lamborghini Gallardo driving around Coquitlam a few times, but it was the first time I'd seen either of those two cars on the street.

In the afternoon we toured the Vancouver Museum (which happens to be in the same building as the H.R. MacMillan Space Center). The last time I was there was probably more than 30 years ago when I was a young child on a school outing so it all seemed new to me. As the education coordinator explained the various exhibits the museum had, she mentioned that they also had a mummy of a 10-year old Egyptian boy. For a fraction of a second I stopped breathing. One of my most vivid early memories is of looking very closely at a mummy and noting the texture of his hair (you could almost count each strand), his skin (it was so black and wrinkly), and his teeth (they were the same size as mine). I remember moving my eyes slowly up his face and staring at where his eyes used to be. I remember trying to imagine what this boy might have been like living so many thousands of years ago. I remember staring at his face until I was too scared to look any more and turning and walking away as quickly as I could, wanting to be as far away from that mummy as possible. That memory has stuck with me all my life, but I didn't know where it came from.

We completed the tour and were given an opportunity to explore the exhibits. Even as an adult, I was a little aprehensive as I approached the display case. But I had to do it alone. The mummy was a lot smaller than I remembered. The 10-year old boy looked to be as tall as my three-year-old daughter is now. I made myself stare into his face to go over all of his features. And... I recognized him. His face was the same and it was as if he hadn't moved from this spot in all these years. Obviously, the display had been moved around the museum and others, but physically he was unchanged. I had grown up and lived my life and had children of my own and am watching them grow up while my own parents age. But this mummified 10-year old boy remained very much like he had been 30 years ago, like he had been for thousands of years and probably for many more. The image of his grinning face has haunted me my entire life. I didn't know where I saw it until today. Now I also know why it had such an impact on me.

Sometime in the mid 1970's, I went on a school field trip to the Vancouver Museum, saw a mummified boy, and for the first time, confronted my own mortality.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

2006 STI - Objects in Mirror

I had the camera with me yesterday while we were running errands so I took a few shots. They are posted on this page, but here are a few of them:

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Troll Cage!

Well, I guess it was bound to happen one day. I was scanning through the web stats and it looks like someone took the banner image of my garage (I changed the version above with updated text--Oh, Cana... duh!) and was using it on a forum to make lots of friends ;0)

Here's the link:
The Colorado Racing Network --> Owned Supra! ***NOT WORK SAFE***

This is the full size picture:

That is what Stargazer's Garage actually looks like. You can see my daughters' bikes in the front. On the wall in front of the STI I have some bulletin boards where I've hung some automotive posters on the wall and license plate frames. One picture is of the yellow RPI Equipped VW GTI. On the door next to the bulletin boards I have a picture of the VW R32, the Mazdaspeed Miata, a poster for the Vancouver Molson Indy, and a Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit poster (which you can't see).

BTW, I'm surprised how many hits I get from people searching for "dixie horn" :grin:

Monday, February 06, 2006

2006 STI - Autospeed Dead Pedal

I got the Autospeed aluminum dead pedal in the mail from my brother today. It's really solid and nice looking and is a perfect match for the OEM pedals. I ordered it from

Update: 7 Feb 2006

I installed it today and added pictures.

Dead pedal removed.

OEM dead pedal.

2006 STI - Meguiar's NXT Generation Tech Wax

I finally got a chance to put a good coat of wax on the car today and took some pics at Burnaby Mountain. Here are the results:

It was a bit overcast today, with the sun peeking out once in awhile. The first nice day in a looong time.
Stanley Park and the North Shore are off in the distance.

This is the reflection off the driver's door.

More close-up pictures of the shine off the roof and hood are here.

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