Saturday, July 11, 2015

Breathing Deeply

While Roam Mobility worked fine for us in Portland, coverage in rural areas is severely lacking. Despite their access map showing coverage along Highway 20 as far east as Hamilton, in reality, we lost data on the outskirts of Sedro Woolley. At the campground, I switched in the AT&T SIM card and all is good again. Data is my oxygen.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

My Summer of Ingress: Day 2 - Downtown PoCo

29 June 2015

Day 2 wasn't as impressive as yesterday, but I was still able to earn over 330k AP in my quest to level up in Ingress. My biggest accomplishment was deploying 580 resonators and getting that much closer to the gold Builder badge.

I concentrated on two areas today in downtown PoCo (Leigh Square and the PoCo Trail) for a total of 5 km of walking.

AP earned: 337,595

Resonators deployed: 580

Distance walked: 5 km

My Summer of Ingress Total Distance Walked: 19 km

The World Around You is Not What It Seems

My Summer Of Ingress: Day 1 - 29 June 2015

Today was a big day of Ingress for me. I walked over 14 km in two sections of south Richmond!

I started at the dog park at the end of No. 3 Road and did a lot of doubling back for keys and creating fields for about 9 km of walking. I then parked the car near the Britannia Shipyards and walked into Steveston for another 5 km. My feet are very tired, but I also feel a great sense of satisfaction.

I measured the actual walking distance from my car with my Garmin Fenix GPS watch. The Ingress app actually credited me with 18 km.

AP earned: 482,715

Portals captured: 104 (93 uniques)

Resonators deployed: 896

Missions completed: 13

As a bonus, I also hacked 3 AXA and 3 Ultra Link Amps. I had to Jarvis and recapture one of my portals at the end to finish a mission, but then I hacked another Jarvis to replace it.

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